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On Staying Woke

Rumi implores me, "Don't go back to sleep." But I'm so tired now After these long years clawing my way to consciousness I didn't know what would happen when i took the red pill ate the apple opened my eyes The world is full of mess and now I know it I can't turn around without facing another reason to despair Is it better to have a free mind in a cold world-- or to remain asleep, blissfully ignorant to my own oppression? But there was always a world outside the garden Always those kept from freedom and from sleep Now I know something of their suffering and something of my own I am awake Oh, but I'm tired I want so much to let my eyes drift closed again But I can see now the corruption of the soul of God wrought in every moment of slumber I won't go back to sleep Instead, I'll wake you up And you'll hate me for luring you into my exile We'll mark the hours together, then And instead of despairing and