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Psalmistry, Week 1: Psalm 129

Psalm 129   (ICEL) (1)     A song of ascents.       Let Israel say it:      "They often oppressed me, (2)    oppressed me from my youth,       but they never crushed me." (3)    They plowed into my back,       cutting deep furrows, (4)    but God has proved just       and broke their wicked chains. (5)    Let those who hate Zion       be ashamed and retreat! (6)    Let the east wind dry them up       like weeds on a rooftop. (7)    Reapers cannot cut a handful,       nor harvesters gather enough to hold. (8)    No passer-by will say,      "The Lord's blessing upon you.       We bless you in God's name!" Day 1: Relationship Israel:Enemy (those who hate Zion) The psalmist encourages Israel not to keep silent, but to speak about their experience. Israel sings joyously of their not only having gained freedom from their oppressors, but in remaining unbroken during the period of their subjugation. Now, they curse the enemy. They want