my Self.

When I started this blog, I thought it would be a typical photographer's blog, with samples of my work and my commentary on that work. But then I thought, "why not make this blog that is named after me BE about me?"

This is my art.

This is my religion.

This is my family.

This is my SELF.

I hope you've been enjoying it, even though I tend to go on tangents, even though I tend to post again and again about a subject for awhile, even though I have three photo sessions I haven't yet blogged and another to shoot tomorrow that will be added to the queue.

I have something for you today that is a combination of my photography, some design work (what?!) - FB banners and photos, and my faith, my spirituality, my religion. All but the last two are made with my own photos. Enjoy.
edited to add: All of these designs are free to use for noncommerical purposes. They can shared on Facebook from the UU Media Collaborative Works FB page (lots of other great work there, too!). Credit is much appreciated and high-res versions are available upon request. 

Composite of photos by Flickr users
Stan Dalone, Barbara LN, and Leonard John Matthews
Used with Creative Commons Licensing
Photo by Flickr user avl42,
 used with Creative Commons license

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