Five Minute Friday: Remember

Remember. Remember things you never knew. Remember what's deep inside the Universal Consciousness, those primal things that we know before we can know. Reflexes. Crawling to our mother's breast to eat. Crying, breathing, sucking. Is there something spiritual in there to be remembered? Should we remember those things? Do we have a choice?

Remember. Remember these moments. You always hear people talk about how happy they were when they were young, and they didn't know it. I know it. And I need to remember. This is why I take pictures, why I blog, why I Facebook the funny things my kids say and the sweet things they do. I heard  someone complain recently about how fake their friends' Facebook pages are - how they only ever post the good, happy, cheerful moments, and never the real, raw ones. Well, who the hell wants to remember those?! 

Granted, sometimes I think it would be nice if grandmothers and mothers and mothers-in-law would remember more about how hard it is to be a mother to young children, a wife in a new marriage, someone learning to keep a house and a job and a family. Not that all of those apply to me, but they apply to a lot of people with mothers, mothers-in-law, and grandmothers who don't seem to ever remember having had to really TRY to make those things work. 

But I don't want to remember that, except inasmuch as it brings me compassion. I just want to remember these moments of love and pure joy that my family bring to me. Because they do, and often. And so that's what I put on the Internet for posterity - even if no one is reading, because *I* can go back and read it, when my kids are grown, and have kids of their own. 

Remember the life that has brought us here, to this joy, in all its ups and downs. Maybe don't remember the specific sorrows of that life past, but remember their depths. Know that those moments, in all their pain, were steps on the path that brought you here. Here to this moment, which is worth remembering. 

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