Baking Someone Else's Baby

One of the things "they" tell you to do when you're launching a photography business is to maintain a blog. But not just any blog. This blog should be 2 parts recent work and 1 part YOU (or some other magic combination, I guess). I've always kept blogs, but this is a little different for me, so bear with me!

Here's something cool about me you probably didn't know (unless you're reading because you already love me, in which case, HI MOM), and a big part of my love of all things birth: I'm a surrogate. I have a blog that's solely dedicated to my surrogacy experiences so far, and I'll keep the details there.

But surrogacy and why I do it are a big part of who I am. I carry babies that aren't genetically related to me for gay men (who are obviously without uteri). I've never had a lot of money to donate to causes that are meaningful to me, but I do have a lot of heart. And, well, a uterus. So, as my friend Kelly says, My Uterus is an Ally!
C'mon, how awesome is this bumper sticker?
My husband wouldn't be too embarrassed, right honey? Honey??
The point of all of this is that tonight (this morning?) I'm here in Los Angeles again, getting ready to be implanted with Someone Else's Baby (or baby-to-be, as it were). I'm nervous, excited, and for the first time, all alone. Tomorrow morning (later this morning?) is the embryo transfer (11 a.m. PDT), and I'd love to have you cheering me on. ♥