Self, Fear, Inspiration, a leap of faith

One of my favorite things about the photographers I admire is their ability to blog in their own voice. Maybe it's my background in journalism or my very Hermione-like desire to do everything just. so., but I always seem to sound a little pompous, a little forced, or just plain NOT ME when I write.

So forgive me, and don't believe a word of the tone. Just look over there at my pink hair. That's who I am. Fun, funky, silly, Mandie.

I spent a good part of today checking out photography web sites. I realized that a good number of the photographers I get most inspiration from are wedding photographers. I don't know if it's because wedding photography is The Place To Be, and so their voices are the loudest, or if it's some hidden part of my "I don't do weddings" photographic psyche that secretly longs to tell love stories along with birth stories, but is afraid.

A few of the inspirational sites I added to my facebook "likes" today.

I've worked hard to stop being afraid lately. I spent years avoiding the attempt to become a professional photographer out of fear. When I finally decided to take the plunge, I asked myself, "Self? What's the worst that can happen?"

The worst that can happen is that I spend a lot of time and money chasing my dreams, and end up not quite catching them. The worst that can happen is that I flop. The worst that can happen is that my family and friends look at my efforts and see just another failed crazy idea.

"But Mandie, what's the best that could happen?"

I could succeed. I could bring a little more beauty into the world. I could tell stories of love and joy, and I could give the gift of permanent memory to my clients. I could do what I love and be happy. I could provide for my family while putting my heart into the activity that brings me the most joy - taking pictures, telling stories, and touching lives.

So here's my blog, and I hope to get a web site soon. I'm stepping off the edge of fear, diving into a pool of possibility. ♥